The Innovation Compounding team is always working hard to stay on the forefront of compounding by adding new preparations to our formulary and improving processes that increase patient safety and ensure we are creating high-quality compounded medications. In doing so, we have begun collaborating with a company to test a new way of compounding medications with 3D printing!

When most people think of 3D printing, the idea of creating plastic models or specialized equipment comes to mind. The traditional concept is that a three-dimensional model will be created by fusing (or printing) materials together using a computer-generated design. This process allows companies to create a tangible model to test initial designs prior to starting large scale manufacturing processes. This unique process shows great potential for its use in creating custom medication preparations for patients by printing with a medication base instead of the typical plastic material.

The process of printing a customized compounded medication begins with a traditional base, such as a suppository, troche, or oral dissolving tablet powder base, to create a concentrate containing the active ingredient the patient needs. The printer is then programmed to create an exact formulation by expelling a precise volume of the concentrate into a specific shape or mold. 3D medication printing of this type will allow for the use of a repeatable process and can assist in reducing potential strength and dosing errors. In the future, this technology could use concentrates with different active ingredients to allow for printing compounded preparations containing multiple active ingredient compounds layered on top of one another with unique absorption characteristics.


Looking Ahead...

Our team is currently developing troches, suppositories, and oral dissolving preparations for men’s and women’s health utilizing the 3D printing technique. We hope to release these products in early 2019.

Taking advantage of this unique opportunity is just one of the many ways that Innovation Compounding is working to perfect our compounding techniques to provide high-quality customized medications to our patients.

If you would like to know more about our research with the 3D printing of compounded medications or our compounding processes in general, reach out to us at:!


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