Patients need more than OTCs to manage their allergy symptoms.

Prescription-strength allergy drugs affect patients’ quality of life. Only allergy immunotherapy can help patients become allergy free.

How easy is it to add an allergy program in your office?



For Your Practice

  • Simple: An easy, well-structured implementation program.
  • Efficient: Designed with your busy schedule and patient volume in mind.
  • Affordable: Contributes to immediate growth in practice revenue.
  • Clinically-Sound: Gain access to best practices, evidence-based allergy treatment protocols, as well as to pharmacists and a development scientist with over 17 years of allergy experience.

For Your Patients

  • No more fear of going outside.
  • Therapy is patient specific, using local allergens.
  • No unwanted side effects.
  • Can be administered with shots or sublingual dropsCost effective.

The Allerscripts Program is proudly offered through Innovation Compounding.

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