The Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding (ACP) has launched a new website,, showcasing the value of compounded bioidentical hormone therapy (cBHT) and why U.S. policymakers should protect it.

The site includes testimonials from patients who have been helped by compounded hormones and allows their members of Congress to help them out even more with legislation that protects their access to these therapies.


What Are Compounded Bioidentical Hormones (cBHT)

Compounded bioidentical hormones (cBHT) are an essential medical therapy for millions of women who suffer the debilitating effects of hormone imbalance. For these patients, compounded hormones aren’t an alternative to manufactured hormones, and they are the only available option.


Why Do We Need the Site Now?

The FDA has signaled that it may consider new regulations that, if implemented, will deny access to cBHT patients.

Today, millions of Americans rely on compounded hormones to live a natural, active life. And while these treatments are most commonly prescribed to relieve the effects of menopause and male hypogonadism, hormonal deficiency is a disease that can impact individuals at any age and is vital to transgender persons throughout all stages of life.

ACP’s goal for the site is to ensure that hormone therapies remain available and affordable for everyone and ensure that patients are not made prey to price gouging or other barriers to access.


Make Your Voice Heard

I tried all the standard FDA-approved hormones for over thirty years, and they did not help. My specially compounded hormones are a lifesaver.” – Gabriella P.


If you or your patients have experience with compounded hormones, APC would like to include your testimonials about how the therapies have helped increase quality of life.

The site also makes it easy for you to petition members of Congress in support of legislation that protects patient access to these therapies!

Visit the side today to share your cBHT story.

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Healthcare Providers – Join the Cause!

Two Things You Chould Do to Take Action


Additional Reading

April 2021Berkeley Research Group’s whitepaper analyzing the NASEM report (27-page PDF)

March 2021: FOIA-requested documents provide unambiguous evidence of bias in NASEM report.

Tools You Can Use

Join the Causea four-page (PDF) brochure explaining the issue and urging people to contribute to the media campaign

Recruit your vendorsHere’s a sample letter (.docx format) you can customize and send your vendors, asking them to support the campaign to save cBHT.

Add prescribers’ voicesHere’s a sample letter for prescribers they can use to inform patients of the threat to cBHT.

Present the factsa PowerPoint slide deck you can use in presentations for legislators, physicians, and even patients to explain the threat to cBHT

Inform your patients: a one-page patient-focused brief on the threat to cBHT, customizable by pharmacies. Available as a PDF or as a Word .docx file).

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