Camp Breathe Easy 2018

This summer, members of the Innovation Compounding team, Joelle Hodges and Jonathan O’Connor, volunteered their time for Camp Breathe Easy, “a six-day, five-night residential camp for children ages 7-13 with asthma” ranging from mild to severe. 2018 marks the 38th...

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Education & Advocacy at CCH 2018

Blake Sears, a 4th year PharmD student from the Atlanta area who is studying at Regis University in Denver, CO, recently had the opportunity to do his rotation here at Innovation Compounding! “I didn’t know much about Innovation Compounding before stepping through the...

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Atropine Eye Drops & Childhood Myopia

MYOPIA In recent years, myopia (otherwise known as nearsightedness) has become a growing concern, affecting up to 50% of the adult population in the United States.1 In children, the prevalence of myopia is progressing, rising from 25% to 42% between 1971 and 1999.1...

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What is Peyronie’s Disease?

While healthy penises may vary in shape and size, a significant or painful bend in the shaft could be the result of Peyronie’s (pay-roe-NEEZ) disease. First described by Francois de la Peyronie, a surgeon to Louis XIV of France in 1743, Peyronie’s disease is a...

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PCAB Accreditation

Innovation Compounding proudly announces its achievement of PCAB accreditation, a service of ACHC. The accreditation is awarded in recognition of Innovation’s commitment to exceeding national quality standards. What is PCAB Accreditation and Why Should You Care?...

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What is Somatopause?

Much like menopause and andropause, somatopause refers to a transitional period (most common among older women and men) characterized by a decline, or pause, in the production of important hormones, specifically growth hormones. Growth hormones are not only important...

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Take Back Control of Your ED

As-needed dosing for erectile dysfunction, while effective, can sometimes be difficult or awkward to incorporate into spontaneous sexual activity. As an alternative, low doses of tadalafil taken daily could make it possible to engage in sexual intercourse at any time,...

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