1. January 26, 2024

    Why is hormone testing important and what are the types of hormone tests available?

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  2. January 24, 2024

    Multivitamin goodness

    Multivitamins are good for the brain.
    Multivitamins are good for the brain.
    Multivitamins are good for the brain.

    That is, a third study has confirmed that multivitamins have “a statistically significant benefit” on older folks’ cognition and memory."

    This latest meta-analysis, done by Mass General Brigham researchers, went a step further than the previous studies; it included in-person assessments like cognitive tests (“Who was Fred Flintstone’s wife?”). With those previous studies, more than 5,000 participants were included, so it’s pretty conclusive evidence.

    [I]nvestigators observed a modest benefit for the multivitamin, compared to placebo, on global cognition over two years. There was a statistically significant benefit of multivitamin supplementation for change in episodic memory, but not in

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  3. January 16, 2024

    Testosterone pellets for male TRT

    The concept of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) dates back to the early 1900s. Observations of behavioral changes in castrated roosters formed the foundation of what we know to be hypogonadism or “low T.” The concept of “treat like with like” spurred research and by the mid 1930s, testosterone synthesis began. (1)

    During the 1930s, we saw the initiation of TRT with testosterone propionate injections as well as subcutaneous testosterone pellets.(2) By the mid 1940s, researchers had identified multiple indicators of low testosterone including depression, failing memory, increased fatigability, and reduced libido. We now apply that early research, with improved understanding of physiology and the aging process, to successfully treat millions of men who experience the unwanted effects of low testosterone.

    For years, men were prescribed testosterone injections,

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  4. January 12, 2024

    Revelation Pharma Expands Portfolio - Mobley Rx Labs

    Revelation Pharma Expands Portfolio with Acquisition of Compounding Preparations Book of Business from Mobley Rx Labs

    Tampa, FL – Revelation Pharma, a national network of 503A and 503B compounding pharmacies, proudly announces its most recent acquisition of the compounding preparations book of business from Mobley Rx Labs, a permitted pharmacy under Mobley Drugs. This strategic move is aligned with Revelation Pharma's commitment to enhancing its product offerings and providing innovative healthcare solutions for patients across the nation.

    Mobley Drugs will remain open, serving its valued retail segment patients with the same dedication and commitment to quality that they have come to expect. The acquisition exclusively pertains to the compounding preparations aspect of Mobley Rx Labs, which will now be transitioned to Stanley Specialty Pharmacy, a trusted name in the pharmacy industry known for its excellence in compounding services!

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