Our Involvement

Annually, Innovation Compounding participates in the IACP Compounders on Capitol Hill (CCH) event to meet with lawmakers and discuss legislative and regulatory issues at the state and federal level affecting pharmacy compounding.

Our involvement is an important strategy to help shape legislation and regulation that has a direct impact on our company to ensure greater access to pharmacy compounding for the patients we serve.

Yesterday, Innovation Compounding President & CEO and IACP President-Elect, Shawn Hodges, spoke alongside IACP President, Jennifer Burch and EVP Scott Brunner, to provide an IACP Foundation update for its members.

Innovation Compounding President Shawn Hodges Speaks at CCH 2019

Photo credit: Savannah Cunningham


Connecting with Leaders

During day two of the event, U.S. Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) addressed CCH members and reaffirmed his support of their goal to protect and expand patient access to compounded medications.

Innovation Compounding President Shawn Hodges and Pharmacist Mitchell Bell met with Congressman Cuellar after his presentation to thank him for his efforts.

CCH Leadership

Photo Credit: Savannah Cunningham


A Trusted Advocate

Our doctor of pharmacy team has been helping physicians create customized medications for over eleven years.

– We hold licenses in 49 states across the U.S., satisfying each states’ Board rules for compounding and dispensing products.

– We are a PCAB-Accredited pharmacy.

– Recent Food & Drug Administration (FDA) inspection with the FDA finding no reason for a plan of corrective action.

If you or your patients have unique therapeutic needs, who could benefit from compounding, reach out to one of our pharmacists today.


Follow This Event

To follow a detailed day-to-day summary of the event, click the link(s) below to read event highlights captured by Innovation Compounding intern and Mercer University Student Pharmacist Class of 2022 candidate, Savannah Cunningham.







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