Cobb County, GA—When news about the shortage of hand sanitizer began to spread nationwide, Innovation Compounding president Shawn Hodges, PharmD knew that this was a time for compounders to shine.

“Addressing public health and safety needs during backorders, shortages, and a lack of commercial availability is something that we are uniquely positioned to do. It’s what we do best!” said Hodges.

Pharmacy Compounding is the art and science of creating personalized medications, unique dosage forms, and innovative delivery methods (e.g., lotions, creams, gels, nasal sprays). Typically, compounding pharmacies work with a prescribing medical practitioner to step in when customized therapies are necessary for specific patient needs. However, in times like these, they can also receive approval to create drugs and products that are no longer available on the retail market.

For over a decade, Hodges has been active in advocating for the rights of patients nationwide. He currently serves as president for The Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding (APC), a professional advocacy organization that informs legislators, regulators, and policymakers at both the state and national levels, of critical issues concerning patient access to medication and healthcare.

Together with APC and Congressman Buddy Carter (GA-1), Hodges urged the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to allow pharmacy compounders to prepare hand sanitizers to meet demand in the current shortage. In a swift response, the FDA enacted a Policy for Temporary Compounding of Certain Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Products During the Public Health Emergency

In direct response to the new guidance, compounding pharmacies across the nation have begun to produce hand sanitizer to help with the shortage in retail.

When Innovation Compounding released its version of the FDA-approved alcohol antiseptic 80% topical solution, all 2, 4, and 8oz bottles of the hand sanitizer sold out in less than 72-hours of being added to their online store (


With only a limited supply of 3oz bottles left in-hand, pharmacist Tara Thompson decided to place a reserve aside to equip local healthcare providers and first responders with Innovation’s remaining inventory of product.

Together with pharmacy students Lucrecia Onyimah (Mercer University College of Pharmacy) and Cindy Shau (The University of Georgia College of Pharmacy), she hand-delivered supplies to local police officers, firefighters, and senior living facility staff members in Cobb County, GA.

The men and women in service to our communities work selflessly to ensure the safety of our citizens. Delivering the hand sanitizer was a token of thanks for their service and a practical way for us to do our part in stopping the spread of the COVID-19 disease.





Hand Sanitizer Purchases

We have received many inquiries about compounding hand sanitizer and have made product available in our vitamin and supplement store:

If you require more than the maximum order of 5 bottles, please send your request to info@ (no space), and we will contact you directly.

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