Dr. Thompson Recognized as an Ambassador of International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (IACP)

Earlier this month, Tara Thompson, PharmD was nominated by the IACP membership committee and approved by the Board of Directors to be an Ambassador of IACP!

The IACP Ambassador program relies on passionate IACP members to communicate the Mission and Vision of IACP and the ways in which it meets members’ needs by advocating patient access to compounded medications. Tara will be called upon to carry IACP’s message to key stakeholders, including other pharmacy organizations, legislative and regulatory bodies that oversee pharmacy compounding, pharmacy students, leaders in the medical field, and other advocacy groups.

Shawn Hodges, CEO, states, “IACP has recognized what the Innovation Compounding Team has always known, that Dr. Thompson possesses the unique blend of clinical acumen, empathy towards patients and prescribers, as well as excellent presentation and communication skills. Combining those skill sets bodes well for a practicing pharmacist and an advocate of the profession. We’re very proud of her accomplishment and can’t wait to see her fulfill this new role with IACP.”

To learn more about Tara and her role with IACP or Innovation Compounding, reach out to us at info@innovationcompounding.com.

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