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Patient access to cBHT is being threatened. Here’s how you can help.

We need every pharmacist, every prescriber, every patient whose lives have been made better by compounded hormones to add their voice to the chorus demanding continued access to this essential medical therapy.



New restrictions could be devastating the health of our patients. Not to mention our industry. If you are aware of the issue, but unclear on the details, here are a few important sources to read:


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Support the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding’s Media Campaign Fund is a three–year, consumer– and policymaker–focused initiative aimed at confronting FDA’s threat to restrict compounded hormones and at communicating the profound good pharmacy compounding plays in the lives of millions of patients.

The campaign puts a patient face on compounding. Its tagline is ‘Compounding the joy of living – one patient at a time.’ The effort funded by gifts from pharmacy compounders, prescribers, patients, related organizations, and service and supply vendors in the compounding space.

Healthcare providers can support the campaign with a reoccurring gift or a one time gift of any amount by sending a donation.

Patients who have benefited from compounded hormone therapies can show their support by sharing a testimonial.

Everyone can join the fight by urging members of congress to protect access to compounded hormones. Find you representative.

For more information, visit the website dedicated to this campaign at www.compounding.com

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