Dr. Tara Thompson Serves as the Compounding Expert at the American Urogynecologic Society (AUGS)!

On October 5th,  Tara Thompson PharmD, served as the pharmacy compounding expert at this years AUGS conference, during PFD Week, in Providence, Rhode Island.  In front of a membership of 100 physicians, nurse-practitioners, and other allied health professionals, Tara shared her pearls of wisdom in helping practitioners determine which compounded preparations are most appropriate for women who are in need of gynecological therapy.

Specifically, Tara's presentation started with a review on the current state of the compounding profession.  She advised on the new technology available to the compounding industry to help formulate a precise and consistent drug preparation, how to identify compounding pharmacies that meet/exceed USP standards, and how to even interview a practitioner’s local pharmacist on the expertise surrounding women’s health.  She then dove into the clinicals and presented on how practitioners should think outside the box with resptect to drug therapy for these female patients and their unique conditions.  As each patient could present with similar symptoms, the etiology of those symptoms varely widely, and must be taken into consideration when selecting drug therapy.  She then wrapped up the presentation with the pharmacology of some of the most commonly prescribed compounds, including products to treat vulvodynia, vestibulodyina, and pelvic floor pain.

Her presentation went flawless and the audience thoroughly enjoyed her expertise! Great job Dr. Thompson!

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