Innovation Compounding, Inc announced today that it is launching a national rebranding campaign featuring a redesigned logo and redefined brand identity. The new logo and branding is a reflection on the evolving landscape in the compounding industry, with a specific focus on quality, access, and clinical support.

“The rapidly evolving state and federal regulations, in conjunction with the ever-expanding compounding market, helped us to proclaim that now is the perfect time to present a more contemporary brand that represents who we are as a company and our passion to protect patient access to specialty compounded medications,” CEO Shawn Hodges said.

“The shield symbolizes our position and stance on compounding. Our position is to consistently meet the barrage of new rules from various regulatory agencies while still invoking our passion to protect patients’ and doctor’s rights to access high-quality compounded medications. The flask and pill bottle illustrate our desire for precision when compounding sterile and non-sterile products. On our watermark, the shield is housed within a compass, signifying how we help guide physicians prescribe effective and appropriate compounded medications. This combination of protecting patient rights to medicine, supporting physicians by offering clinical support, and remaining current with new regulations is who we are. Consequently, this new logo and watermark will ultimately help us carry that message.”

On August 1st, the company will begin rolling out the new branding across its platforms, products and tools, through partnersip with branding and marketing agency, Big Picture Digital.

About Innovation Compounding:
Company Profile: Established in 2007, Innovation Compounding is a compounding pharmacy that supports over 2,000 prescribers, 25,000 patients and 50,000 prescriptions across the nation.

Company Identity:
Innovation Compounding commits to pharmaceutical care by exhibiting compassion towards their patients and doctors, serving as a wellness advocate for patients’ lives and state of well-being, while remaining relentless in their drive for personalized medicine!

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