Listen as we highlight another amazing pharmacist who is “stepping out of the box” in the pharmacy profession and is discussing the ins and outs of low dose naltrexone, it benefits in the body, and current medical uses and literature.

Pharmacist Michelle Moser, of Makers Pharmacy in Mount Vernon, is an expert in the pharmacology of low dose naltrexone and has dedicated her practice to researching, educating, and training providers and other healthcare professionals on its benefits.

Michelle can be found on Instagram and Facebook as @theLDNpharmacist and also has a You Tube Channel where she posts videos regarding the medication. Her website is a plethora of knowledge about the medication.
Monthly, Michelle holds free webinars on talking about low dose naltrexone and anyone can join!

Episode 3.4: Low Dose Naltrexone Discussion with Pharmacist Michelle Moser (



Linkedin: /in/theLDNpharmacist
YouTube: Makers Pharmacy, The LDN Pharmacist

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