Arthritis affects 54.4 million U.S. adults, about 1 in 4, and is projected to affect nearly 60 million Americans by the year 2020. Today, it is the leading cause of disability and one of the most common chronic conditions in our nation.

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease in which the cartilage that covers the ends of the bone in the joint is deteriorated and causes loss of movement as the bone rubs against bone. ⁣

More than 27 million U.S. adults have symptomatic osteoarthritis, and women are three times more likely than men to develop primary generalized osteoarthritis.⁣



Alternative Treatments for Osteoarthritis


Traditionally, treatment for OA includes the use of painkillers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). While these may help control pain, they may also accelerate articular degeneration—ultimately ruining the body's natural ability to repair cartilage.

Fortunately, the unique structure of the articular cartilage—coupled with the chronic nature of the disease—makes osteoarthritis a condition that is well suited for alternative treatment options.

Since the publishing of Arthritis Cure: The Medical Miracle That Can Halt, Reverse, and May Even Cure Osteoarthritis in 1997 (1), doctors and patients have found alternative forms of relief for inflammation in over-the-counter nutritional supplements.



Pain Management and Inflammation Supplements




Turmeric contains curcumin, which has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. In the last decade, turmeric has received tremendous attention, and several clinical studies have confirmed its health-promoting effects. Specifically, it's ability in supporting a healthy inflammatory response.


Curcumin Complex Dietary Supplement

Fish Oil

Fish oil is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids (including EPA and DHA), which block inflammatory cytokines and prostaglandins. The body converts them into powerful anti-inflammatory chemicals called resolvins. (2)


Omega-3 Fish Oil

Omega-3 Fish Oil
Fish oil softgels may be a useful dietary supplement for individuals wishing to enhance their diets with the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA.



The endocannabinoid system is a biological system composed of endocannabinoids that are neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors in the mammalian brain and body.

The human body makes cannabinoids (called endocannabinoids) and has cannabinoid receptors, some related to inflammation and pain.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the primary cannabinoids found in hemp. Unlike THC—the main constituent in cannabis—cannabidiol DOES NOT induce intoxicating effects. Researchers once thought the CBD in products attached to these receptors, but now they suspect CBD helps your body to use its endocannabinoids more effectively. (3)


CBD Rapid Cooling Cream


CBD Pain Cream
Topical creams containing CBD may be useful for individuals who wish to promote joint comfort and musculoskeletal pain relief. The CBD Rapid Cooling Cream combines CBD and certified organic ingredients to deliver a rapid cooling effect, perfect for joint and muscle support.



Preventative Joint Supplements




Research on the ability of supplemental glucosamine to stimulate collagen formation has been ongoing for over 50 years. Chondroitin sulfate, the major glycosaminoglycan associated with joint cartilage, is uniquely designed to draw water into the joint tissues and hydrate them.

Chondroitin can compress when you apply pressure to a joint, and then rehydrate when the pressure is released. The importance of sulfur, in the form of sulfate, is vital to the integrity and function of joint cartilage. Sulfur is uniquely able to act as a cushion and lubricating surface in the joint.

Sadly, a large percentage of the glucosamine and chondroitin products on the market have fallen short on ingredients or have significant quality concerns. (1) Therefore, if you tried these products in the past and not experienced success, the quality of your supplement could be a contributing factor.


Glucosamine Sulfate


Glucosamine Sulfate
The Glucosamine Sulfate capsules may be a useful dietary supplement for individuals who wish to support the structure and function of the body's connective tissues, such as cartilage, bone, tendons, ligaments, and skin.

GlucosaPure™ is shellfish-free, eliminating the possibility of having a shellfish allergic reaction. GlucosaPure™ is the only patented, fully-reacted glucosamine sulfate potassium chloride available (U.S. patent #5,843,923). GlucosaPure™ is a trademark of JFC Technologies. Shellfish-free. Vegetarian and vegan.


Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a natural part of the fluid that helps to lubricate and cushion joints, helping them to operate smoothly. When you have osteoarthritis, the hyaluronic acid in the affected joint thins.


Hyaluronic Acid


Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic acid may be a useful dietary supplement for individuals wishing to support healthy joint function.



Collagen is a nutritional supplement made from animal or fish materials. It's rich in amino acids that play an essential role in the building of joint cartilage, and it may have anti-inflammatory effects.


Collagen Factors


Collagen Factors
Collagen Factors provides targeted precursors and cofactors known to be involved in the biochemical processes that support healthy connective tissue in the skin, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, joints, and bone extracellular matrix. This formulation contains patented hyaluronic acid, MSM, free-form amino acids, key minerals, and vitamin C.


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