Recent legislation in the form of HR 2871 (The Preserving Patient Access to Compounded Medications Act of 2017) aims to protect patients’ access to personalized medications prescribed by physicians and compounded by pharmacists.

This important piece of legislation will:

  • Allow for “office-use” compounding of medications where authorized by state law.
  • Allow for compounding with dietary supplements that comply with the monograph standards of the S. Pharmacopoeial Convention (USP)or National Formulary.
  • Require FDA to follow formal rule-making procedures that allow stakeholder input and decrease confusion by providing formal FDA procedure and statements on the record. Currently, FDA is issuing “guidance documents” that FDA is enforcing through Warning Letters without following formal rule-making procedures.

In an effort to support HR 2871, please take a moment and let Partnership for Personalized Prescriptions (P3), a patient advocacy group, know how compounding has impacted you and your family.

It is vital that Congress support HR 2871 in order to preserve patient access to compounded medications, so contact your representatives in Congress directly and let them know what access to compounded medications means to you!

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