Revelation Pharma Corporation Completes Tenth Acquisition – Purchases South River Compounding Pharmacy

TAMPA, Fla., – Osceola Capital (“Osceola”), a lower middle-market private equity firm, announced today the tenth addition to the Revelation Pharma Corporation (“Revelation”) platform. Revelation purchased South River Compounding Pharmacy which has two locations in Virginia. South River Compounding Pharmacy is a 503A compounding pharmacy that has given professional health consultations, high quality nutraceuticals, weight loss support programs, and personalized compounded medications to increase patients’ wellbeing and health span.

South River Compounding Pharmacy’s former owner, Baylor Rice, RPh, will serve as the Clinical Liaison for Nutritional Health, building a robust nutritional supplement program for all of Revelation’s pharmacies.

The corporate team for Revelation is led by Richard Case, a healthcare M&A industry veteran, with significant experience in acquisitions of lower middle-market healthcare businesses that operate in highly regulated industries. Serving as Chairman of the Board, Jake Beckel, a pharmacist, has deep experience in the compounding space. He most recently served as founder and CEO of AnazaoHealth Corporation, a leading compounding pharmacy that successfully completed 13 acquisitions and ultimately was acquired by Fagron, the world’s largest publicly traded compounding company. Michelle Case, who has successfully directed 20+ grassroots start-ups, and launched an IPO, serves as Chief Operations Officer. Shawn Hodges, the former CEO and President of Innovation Compounding, is now the Chief Business Development Officer. Mitchell Bell is the Senior Vice President of 503A Pharmacies and was previously the Vice President of Operations at Innovation Compounding. Will Skinner is the Chief Financial Officer who has specialized in start-ups, alternative investment companies, and healthcare organizations. Jon Pritchett, former Pharmacy Program Director at Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), now serves as the Vice President of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs.

The number of pharmaceutical collaborations in the pipeline is constantly growing. Even while pharmacy owners recognize the need for assistance in responding to regulatory changes, many still desire to engage in pharmacy compounding and satisfy their patients’ specific healthcare needs. Revelation’s long-term objective is to become the industry leader in compounding by supporting and acquiring pharmacies while developing a comprehensive quality assurance system throughout the network.

About Osceola Capital Management  

Osceola Capital is a Tampa-based private equity firm that invests in lower middle-market services companies, typically with EBITDA of $2 million to $10 million. Osceola has extensive experience partnering with management teams to execute buy-and-build strategies and drive long-term value creation. The Revelation Strategy Team includes Ben Moe, and Patrick Watkins. To learn more, visit

About Revelation Pharma Corporation 

Revelation Pharma is a national network of 503A and 503B compounding pharmacies providing innovative and quality pharmaceutical products and services through “industry best” patient care and solutions for customers. Compounding pharmacy will drastically change in the next five years. Revelation believes that compounding pharmacies will need help and support to adjust to these changes in order to continue to serve the needs of the patient and their healthcare provider.

About South River Compounding Pharmacy 

Under the leadership of Baylor Rice RPh., South River Compounding Pharmacy has been servicing the greater Richmond region for over 20 years. Its two pharmacy locations serve many types of patients in a range of therapeutic areas and is recognized as one of the most reputable compounding pharmacies in the area.


Shawn Hodges, PharmD

Chief Business Development Officer

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