Patient safety has been and always will be our number one priority.


Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, you can be confident that we are taking every measure necessary to continue to produce the highest quality compounded medications. 

Our pharmacy uses only pharmaceutical-grade chemicals (USP, NF equivalent) from FDA-registered suppliers, and perform all required testing on each log of products compounded.  

Our facility has separate areas dedicated to sterile and non-sterile compounding. It daily undergoes rigorous cleaning procedures that would eliminate any harmful substance, whether it be COVID-19, bacteria, mold, or any other particulate. 

The cleaning products we use to sanitize our clean rooms and supplies will effectively eradicate the virus if ever to be found present.

To date, we are the first compounding pharmacy in the country that was inspected by the FDA and not issued a plan of corrective action (483).

As experts in the field of sterile compounding, we are prepared to ensure that our clean rooms satisfy USP standards and to continue production so that patients receive their medications free of contamination. 

In addition, we’ve implemented new protocols to protect our employees from exposure to COVID-19.

Please stay tuned for additional emails, as we have much more to update. Should there be any interruptions in service as the situation unfolds, we will keep you updated.


We are indebted to you, our patients and providers, for choosing us to be your source of personalized medicine. For that, we’re honored and grateful to be here for you!

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