Did you know: Your dentist and compounding pharmacist can work together?

Seeing the dentist can lead to anxiety and frustration, especially when unforeseen issues arise. Fortunately, your dentist and compounding pharmacist can work together to optimize your care and make your experience a good one — or at least a better one.

Dental compounding has become more popular in recent years, for good reason. Dental procedures and care plans vary from person to person, and patients themselves often have specific needs … and pain tolerance levels. In these cases, compounded products tailor-made to match your dental needs are great options.

Dentists can use compounded medications for many different conditions. For example, patients who experience dry mouth (known as xerostomia), often find compounded medications provide greater relief compared to available over-the-counter treatments. And patients with halitosis — bad breath — can try a compounded mouthwash that combines coenzyme Q10 with a biofilm reducer like xylitol.

Dentists also use compounded products as numbing agents prior to some procedures. These compounds provide both long-lasting and quick-acting pain control for patients. And don’t worry about the taste; compounding pharmacists are able to flavor medications (and provide sugar-free and dye-free options).

In addition to common dental medications such as pain relievers and sedatives, pharmacists may compound medications for a variety of dental work, including:

  • Dry socket treatments
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Medications for gum disease
  • Plaque removers
  • Mouth washes
  • Oral ulcer medications
  • Canker sore treatments
  • Tooth whiteners

Working together, your dentist and compounding pharmacist can develop a customized treatment plan for your oral and dental health issues and get you smiling again!



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