Kennesaw, GA, Jan. 13, 2020 — The Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding (formerly IACP) has named Shawn Hodges, PharmD, President and CEO of Innovation Compounding, as its 2020 President.

Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding is is a professional advocacy organization focused solely on pharmacy compounding and public policy advocacy. The organization works directly with legislators, regulators, and policymakers at both the state and national levels to spearhead initiatives related to patient access to compounded medications.

For over twelve years, Innovation Compounding has been a leader in pharmacy compounding services to physicians, clinics, and patients across the United States. Located in Kennesaw, Georgia, the pharmacy supports over 7,000 prescribers and more than 65,000 patients by annually dispensing 100,000 prescriptions nationwide.

Compounded medications play a vital role in the health of millions of patients who have medical needs that cannot be met by commercially available therapies or FDA-approved drugs.

Common scenarios in which a commercial drug may not be effective or safe for patient use includes:


Drug Side Effects – A patient cannot tolerate or has mild adverse effects related to a prescribed medication.

Drug Allergies – A patient is allergic to a prescribed medication or inactive ingredients, such as the chemical dyes, peanut oil, gluten, artificial sweeteners, lactose, polymers, or other allergens that may present in the coating or casing of a drug.

Dosage Forms – A patient who has difficulty swallowing may have to forgo treatment if the drug is only available in the form of a pill or capsule. Infants, children, senior adults, and pets often require alternative dosages forms such as syrups, drops, or topical creams that can be applied directly to the skin.

Dosage Strength – A patient, especially infants and children, may require a customized dose other than what is commercially available. Patients with certain conditions may find that lowering or increasing the strength of medication helps to address the unique symptoms they experience.

Drug Shortages or Discontinuation – A patient may require continued use of a drug or therapy that is not in supply at a retail pharmacy or is currently off the market.


When asked about his new role in leadership, Dr. Hodges said, “The mission of this organization is to protect, promote, and advance the art and science of pharmacy compounding. I am incredibly excited to serve as President of the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding—the voice for pharmacists, technicians, students, researchers, and suppliers in our industry.”

As we look ahead in 2020, there will be many important issues to address and even more opportunities to promote and advance the art and science of pharmacy compounding.

“As the need for pharmacy compounding continues to grow, I most look forward to expanding the support of our organization amongst healthcare professionals, policymakers, and patients,” said Dr. Hodges. “Whether speaking with members of my community or our nation’s leaders on Capitol Hill, I find that most want to join their voice to ours in advocacy but do not know where to begin.”

We are stronger together, and it is critically important that our name and our activities become well-known⁠—in industry and across the communities we serve.”

Shawn Hodges, PharmD
Dr. Shawn Hodges graduated with a Doctorate in Pharmacy from Texas Tech University School of Pharmacy in 2001, and he is a pharmacist and the owner of Innovation Compounding. Upon graduation he was awarded a one-year fellowship program with Eli Lilly. He researched the drug approval process by serving as a regulatory liaison between FDA and Lilly.
Since completion of the fellowship, he has provided countless hospice medication management consultations as well as clinical presentations through various state conferences.
Shawn also supports men’s health by consulting on conditions including: erectile dysfunction, hypogonadism, and chronic fatigue.


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