Breakout Session Presentations

Below you'll find the confirmed times for our Breakout Session Presentations. Please plan to join us LIVE at Booth 7085!


Make Your Practice Profitable 

Turn Your Clinical Expertise into Revenue 

Mark Connett and Dr. Jessica Gerhart | The JOI Group 

12:30 PM, Thursday 


The JOI Group, in partnership with Innovation, is a new clinical consulting group that helps doctors expand their clinical and professional toolbox with convenient web-based training, patient-friendly programs, and ongoing consultative support. The JOI Group aims to give practices the confidence to help patients with more complex needs along with the satisfaction of running a healthy business.

Simply put—it’s a better way to practice!


Compounding 101

Our Approach to Personalized Medicine 

Shawn Hodges, PharmD | Innovation Compounding Pharmacy

5:00 PM, Thursday 


There is an untapped world of personalized medicine waiting for you. Listen as the President of Innovation Compounding Pharmacy shares the information you need to know about pharmacy compounding.

What is compounding? How can it help you and your patients? Find the answers to these questions and more while you learn about pharmacy compounding in this introductory session.


Our Portfolio of Innovative Compounds  

Products Your Patients Will Love 

Tara Thompson, PharmD | Innovation Compounding Pharmacy

12:30 PM, Friday


Clinical Pharmacist Tara Thompson gives you a look into Innovation Compounding’s comprehensive therapeutic lines and products, which includes Women’s and Men’s Health, IV Nutrition, Weight Loss, Pain Management, Dermatological and Cosmeceutical products, Allergy Immunotherapy, and many other disease states. She will discuss some of the most popular compounded products in each line and how clinicians can think outside of the box when treating their patients.


IV Nutrition 

A Direct Approach to Nutritional Deficiency 

Casey Greene PharmD, Lori Harrison | Innovation Compounding Pharmacy 

5:00 PM, Friday 


Nutritional deficiency is an often-overlooked problem that has shown to worsen many illnesses. Fortunately, Innovation Compounding can provide a variety of IV therapies to address issues related to nutritional deficiency. Hear it straight from an expert as Pharmacist Dr. Casey Greene gives you an overview of Innovation’s IV nutrition and cocktail therapies, while explaining how you can adopt IV Nutrition Therapies into your practice.


3D Printing of Compounds 

The Future of Personalized Medicine 

Mitchell Bell, PharmD | Innovation Compounding Pharmacy

1:45 PM, Saturday 


Listen to Pharmacist Mitchell Bell talk about Innovation Compounding’s collaboration with Vitae 3D Printing to bring medicine into the future with innovative technology. Learn how compounded products are being designed and developed for 3D printing, and how this technology can affect the treatment of your patients. By changing the dosage forms and decreasing compounding labor time, patient compliance and pricing can be improved!


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