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The Compounding Advantage


Given Innovation Compounding’s platform of delivering specialty pharmaceuticals across the country, our pharmacy can support drug trial investigators, clinicians, directors, and sponsors to construct and implement clinical studies.

Our team of pharmacists, quality assurance, and other personnel can help you develop a drug trial plan that is in satisfy the needs of the drug study as well as compliance with multiple standards enforced by both federal and state agencies.

In addition, our rigorous QA standards will provide complete transparency in how we produce your products, which is often a requirement for many studies. Viewed as a partner, both public and private research entities rely on us to deliver on those standards.

Custom medications. Optimal Outcomes.

Our Process for Product Development

Needs Assessment

The Process

  • Establish project goals
  • Determine the scope of services
  • Strategy for formulating the product
  • Review of regulatory requirements
  • Contract proposal

Literature/Evidence Review

Expected Research Time is 12-15 Hours

  • Expected Research Time is 12-15 Hours
  • Research current therapies
  • Research initial drug compatibility
  • Research logistics impact
  • Research cost of APIs, cost to produce the product
  • Deeper dive into patient needs for a satisfactory product
  • Review how the product is compounded
  • Review of the science of the formulations, competitive advantages

Formulation Development

Estimated Time is 10-12 Hours

  • Compound product for initial compatibility and feel
  • Send for potency testing
  • Source APIs
  • Teach technician teams to compound
  • Compound batches based upon the number of patient sample sizes

Testing & Quality Assurance

Estimated Time is 5-7 Hours

Review formulation options and to determine whether or not to compound
If approved,

  • Send test prescriptions to beta sites
  • Research qualified practitioners
  • Await feedback
  • Adjust formulations if necessary and re-dispense for follow-up.

Study/Formulation Wrap-Up

Estimated Time is 2-3 Hours

Formula details are shared with provider or clinic. Provider or Clinic shares with a contract manufacturing organization (CMO), or keeps formula at Innovation Compounding to dispense to their patients.

Post Study/Formulation Consulting for CMO

This portion of the services is optional.

* R&D and Product Development services may require additional fees, contracts, and billable line items.


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